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InStep For Life Program

Now at Five Oaks: a weekly, Saturday afternoon walking group

It’s easy to start. Here’s how.

InStep for Life is a walking and fitness program launched in all churches in the North American Division. Every church member is encouraged to invite friends and family to walk regularly and to be as physically active as possible in the New Year.  Regular activity can make you feel stronger and more alive. It’s a fun way to be with your family or friends. It helps you improve your health. If you participate you will feel better, look better, and your body and mind will work better.

1. Get a starter kit click here or from your local InStep for Life coordinator.  You can also go to www.InStepForLife.com and download your own starter kit.

2. Get a pedometer.  InStep features walking and monitoring your steps with a pedometer. Research shows that this is the best way to help most people improve their activity level. Your Starter Kit will tell you how to order your pedometer. InStep can also include other activities such as swimming, biking, or active sports.

3. Set a goal and start walking and recording your daily steps on the Fitness Log in your starter kit. Aim for at least 30 minutes of the physically active daily. As you get stronger and more fit, work up to walking 10,000 steps a day for best health!

4. Enlist a fitness buddy.  Invite your spouse, son, or daughter to walk, too. Encourage a friend or neighbor to join you. What a great way to get to know your neighbor by inviting them to walk with you in this program. Imagine the spiritual discussions this could lead to!

5. Turn in a report of your activity monthly to your local InStep coordinator so your local church can track participation and progress.  Earn awards, such as the One Million Steps Award (10,000 steps for 100+ days in one year) or 250-, 500-, 1,000-mile awards.

6. You can also register at www.instepforlife.com and log your activity online. As you log your miles, you can mark you mileage on a map to show your progress. Set a goal to virtually walk across your state or across your favorite foreign country.

 Make this year the best year of your life.
Join InStep for Life today and experience the abundant health God wants everyone to enjoy as we stay InStep with Him. Invite family and friends to join you as well. 

InStep for Life is a North American Health Ministries Initiative. The goal is for as many members as possible in all Adventist churches, schools, institutions and friends to join. For more information, talk to your local InStep Coordinator or visit the InStep for Life website:  www.InStepForLife.com

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